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sger mand

French Latin germnus, derivative of germen; see germ jur-muh n adjective of or relating to, germany, its inhabitants, or their language. German for English Language Learners : a person born, raised, or living in Germany : a person whose family is from Germany : the language of Germany that is also spoken in Austria, parts of Switzerland, and other places 2, german adjective :. Official Twitter account for Transparent Language German. 1 adjective german jr-mn, updated on: 2, german adjective : of, relating to, or characteristic. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads. Show More noun a native or inhabitant of Germany. The earlier English word was Almain (early 14c.) or Dutch.

John of Trevisa, translation of Higdon's Polychronicon, 1387 Their name for themselves was the root word of modern German Deutsch (see Dutch ). The German shepherd (dog) (1922) translates German deutscher Schäferhund. High German dialect, is official in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and is also widely used as an international language for scholarship and science. Roman writers also used Teutoni as a German tribal name, and Latin fdselsdagsgave til veninde writers after about 875 commonly refer to the German language as teutonicus. The German merely smoked and laughed; and they all smoked and laughed. from Latin Germanus, first attested in writings of Julius Caesar, who used Germani to designate a group of tribes in northeastern Gaul, origin unknown, probably the name of an individual tribe. Historical Examples, many words of the talkative German were running in his mind from the night before. (usually lowercase) an elaborate social dance resembling a cotillion. Your cousin-german (also first cousin) is the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt; your children and your first cousin's are second cousins to one another; to you, your first cousin's children are first cousin once removed.

Learning and Teaching, german - ThoughtCo German - definition of, german by The Free Dictionary Define, german

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